Augusta Wilhelmine Gein, George Philip

Ed Gein, popularly known as the Butcher of Plainfield or the Plainfield Ghoul, was an American murderer and corpse thief who lived from August 27, 1906, to July 26, 1984.

In 1957, when police learned that Gein had excavated bodies from nearby cemeteries and made trophies and mementos from their bones and skin, his crimes in and around his hometown of Plainfield, Wisconsin, gained widespread notoriety.

Ed Gein Parents: Augusta Wilhelmine Gein, George Philip

On August 27, 1906, Ed Gein, the second of George Philip Gein and Augusta Wilhelmine’s two sons, was born in La Crosse, Wisconsin. Gein’s older brother, Henry George Gein, passed away in 1944.

Augusta, his mother, was a devout Christian who claimed to be a Lutheran. She despised her drunken, jobless husband, who had previously held jobs as a carpenter, a tanner, and an insurance salesman.

George Gein ran a neighborhood grocery store when he lived in La Crosse, but he soon sold it and moved his family out of the city to a 155-acre (63-hectare) farm in Plainfield, Wisconsin, which would become their permanent home.