Is Gavreal a Scam? Legitimacy Check [September 2022]

A clothing store ‘Gavreal’ with a large collection of dresses is currently circulating on the internet and shoppers want to know if it is a scam or an official site. If you are one of those buyers who are eyeing some products from Gavreal, read this review before investing your energy and time in it.

Since online shopping has gained traction, online fraud has made it difficult for shoppers to peacefully obtain the desired product. Knowing that eCommerce platforms are full of crooks, it’s important to look for a website’s legitimacy before making a deal with them.

If you don’t spend enough time checking the legitimacy of online products, you will most likely face scams and get a poor quality product. There is also the possibility that you may not get a single product even after paying for it in advance.

Scam websites steal images and product descriptions from official sites and use them on their fake websites to loot innocent buyers. Thus, legitimacy checks are very important when buying products online.

In today’s blog, we will reveal the true face of Gavreal. Keep reading to find out if Gavreal is a legitimate product or a scam.

Is Gavreal a Scam Or a Legit Site?

Image Is Gavreal Scam Or Official Site

Gavreal is an online clothing store that sells a wide variety of products. This is a young site that caters to both men’s and women’s fashion demands.

This website offers worldwide shipping and claims that customer satisfaction is its top priority. Below are the products we found on this site:

  • sweatshirt
  • vest
  • Subordinate
  • Superior
  • Jacket
  • boots
  • bag
  • scarf
  • Jewellery
  • Home Decoration Items’
  • Coat
  • Haute Set
  • Settings
  • T shirts
  • Halloween Dress
  • Hand knitted dresses and accessories

This site sells most of its products on hot sale so buyers are suspicious about its legitimacy. To find out if this product is legit or not, we have researched the site’s performance based on the factors below:

  • Domain Age
  • Trust Score
  • Social Media Presence
  • Contact Details
  • Physical address
  • payment method
  • Customer Reviews

Let’s discuss the above factors in detail to find out if the site is a scam or legit.

Gavreal Customer Reviews

Gavreal Customer Review Images

1. Domain Age

The Gavreal domain was registered on July 11, 2022, which means the website is only two months old. Based on its age, we cannot advise our readers to rely on this site for now.

2. Trust Score

The website has scored a 2% confidence score, which is again a pathetic score. Again this is a negative point and affects the legitimacy of the site negatively.

3. Social Media Presence

This website is not on any social media platform which is again a negative point. However, they have added social media icons on their site.

4. Contact Details

Partial contact details provided. They have provided an email address but the phone number cannot be found on the site. Again not a good practice!

5. Physical Address

The site has provided its physical address which matches that of the UK based company. However, the address appears to be fake.

6. Payment Method

They have predefined several payment methods including PayPal, MasterCard, Dinners Club, Discover, and many more.

7. Customer Reviews

We couldn’t find any customer reviews on the site, which is again a negative point.

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Final Verdict

After assessing all the important factors about the site, we have come to the decision that this site looks suspicious. So, buyers don’t have to depend on it for now.