Nigerian Lady Reveals How Her Mother Allegedly Covered Up Rape And Abuse Her 32-Year-Old Older Brother Subjected Her To (Video)

A Nigerian Woman Blood Brother

A Nigerian woman has told how her mother allegedly covered up the rape and abuses she suffered from her 32-year-old older blood brother.

The lady, who showed off her scars in the video she shared, revealed that while her brother assaulted and raped her, her mother felt he was only instilling discipline in her.

The lady also revealed that when she reported the rape to her mother, her mother covered it up and did nothing because she thought it would bring shame to the family. She further added that she needs help.

She wrote in her video,

I am a Victim of Rape & Sexual Molestation By My Blood Brother & Through My Teens Since My Childhood He will hit me to instill fear in me as a child so that I wont expose how he sexually Molests me and my Mother supports and Covers him thinking he is disciplining me as a child, even After I Told Her she found out, She Did nothing That it’s shameful for her family image

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